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SBS Security is an established business that is family run and offers a wide range of security services

Our services include Alarm Systems, HD CCTV

Our main areas of expertise are: Wireless & Wired Security, CCTV Systems, Door Entry Systems, External Security Lighting & Locksmithing.

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SBS Security Systems are highly experienced in the field of CCTV systems, with over 20 years experience in the supply and fit of both commercial and domestic systems. We supply, design and fit only the very best, tried and tested equipment with prices to fit all budgets. Our installation costs are extremely competitive and all work is guaranteed. If you would like to talk more about CCTV systems  and the choices available to you, or if you would like to arrange a free no obligation site visit then please contact us.

Access Control Systems

SBS Security systems are specialists in the provision of Access Control systems  which can be a very simple solution to security access or extremely complex. A one door system would ordinarily consist of an external keypad, an internal exit button and an internal emergency call point. Bigger systems would consist of many doors within a building being controlled through access control with different access levels controlled and monitored by a computer allowing the administrator to allow specific people into varying parts of a building. Access control systems re designed for this very purpose and can be as complex or as simple as is required. Our installation costs for access control systems  are amongst the most competitive in the county, with costs to suit all budgets. If you would like to talk more about access control and the choices available to you, or if you would like to arrange a free no obligation site visit then please contact us.

Security Lighting

Security Lighting is often used as a deterrent, to protect your property from intruders, it does a job, thieves like to work under the cover of darkness not in the light, so a well placed security light is of course a deterrent but it should not be seen as a security system. Security Lighting simply doesn’t provide the same level of protection as an intruder alarm or CCTV System. As above, security lighting can be a deterrent, it can also be used, and often is used to welcome late night visitors as people feel safer in the light.Security lighting is relatively inexpensive to install and you will find the prices at SBS security systems extremely competitive for both supply and fit. If you would like to learn more about security lighting, or if you would like to arrange a free no obligation site visit then please contact us.

Intruder Alarms

SBS security Systems are leaders in the supply and fit of intruder alarms, we suppl;y and fit alarm systems for all purposes and at all levels for both residential and commercial whether wired and wireless. The sheer range of solutions available to you will likely have you online scratching your head with a lot of questions. SBS security systems have over 20 years experience int he field of intruder alarm installation and can advise on the entire market independently and without obligation. If you have questions on how best to secure your home or business premises please feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our installation team