This lock opening course provides hands-on training to those wishing to learn various techniques of opening locks 

100% Hands on training.

No written exams.

Picking and opening of wafer locks, pin tumbler locks, euro cylinders, padlocks. 

We will show you various methods of lock bypass for the above locks.Second part of the course.

We concentrate on opening two and three lever locks graduating up to five lever locks and various techniques for five lever BS locks.


We try to show you as many tools as possible relating to the locksmith industry for example 2-in-1 picks, curtain picks, letterbox tools, mica, electric pick guns,rake and bump keys, Locksmith training is designed for both professionals looking to increase their repertoire or for unskilled persons who want to get involved in this well established industry.

At the end of the course you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement.

We are training providers to Bristol Council, Mitie Group, Sovereign Housing, Debut Services(MOD)